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is compatible with Flight Profiles desktop software that's used at manufacturers including Cessna, Gulfstream, Honda, Bombardier, Beechcraft, Pilatus and fractional ownership companies like NetJets.
Jerry Moore
Flight Profiles, LLC
This site supports several client databases.  Based on your username and password, you'll be connected to the appropriate database.

Why are there separate databases ?
Each company has its own standards, assumptions and business practices.  Flight Profiles is configured for each client using over 100 configuration settings.  Each client's database is proprietary and is not shared.

If you're just looking, Login Name="guest", Password="user"   (both case-insensitive).
If you want to establish a database to match your FP(desktop) version, you'll need to provide your (1) Aircraft, BFL & WAT files, (2) Airports.mdb, (3) Typical.dat, and (4) Xref.dta.  Then I'll create a custom database for your company and login credentials to ensure privacy.

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